Laurel Baptist Institute

"Preparing God's Servants for God's Service"

Laurel Baptist Institute (LBI) is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Laurel Indiana. LBI was started in January 2007 in an effort to better equip the members of First Baptist Church for service to Christ through His local New Testament church. Christians from other churches are welcome to enroll. We are a Baptist institution and we will support and teach Baptist doctrine through various courses taught at LBI.

We are fundamental, conservative and independent. We are not charismatic and we do not support the modern contemporary movement that is becoming popular in many churches.

Classes are taught on Tuesday nights. Each semester last about 12-14 weeks. Most semesters will have two (2) separate courses taught each week.  A student may elect to enroll in only one course per week or you may wish to take both courses. Upon completion of 36 credits the student will earn a "Certificate of Biblical Studies".

Tuition is charged per course to cover cost of binders, books, handouts, and other needed items for the course. Tuition may vary per course due to necessary cost for that particular course. Tuition cost will be held to a minimum for all courses.


If you have any questions, please call 765-698-2252 or email us at



2017 Spring Classes (Tuesday Nights)

March 7th - May 9th

(10 Weeks)








Book of Acts I
Book of Acts II
Book of Acts III 

Baptist Distinctives

Baptist History I
Baptist History II

The Messianic Psalms

New Testament Missions

New Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey
Practical Ministry I
The Levitical Offerings

Personal Evangelism

Principles of Bible Interpretation

The Names of God

Book of Romans I

Book of Romans II

Book of Philippians

The Seven Churches of Asia

Biblical Discipleship